Friday, January 9, 2009


It's that time, guys-- Things to Ruin is reopening at the zipper factory tonight! We're getting geared up for a long day ahead of us, full of photo shoots, teching and sound checks... in other words, we're gonna need those drinks on stage.. 

It has been a long month without my fellow T2R-ers by my side, but I am so ready to hit that stage. We had a fierce glueing party on Wednesday. Now that we've been reviewed by  the Times, we decided our bitchin' set should be brought up to our high standards. Other than still peeling elmers off of my body, the party went well! I'm so excited about our new platform (that I hope won't collapse under me) and the little changes we've been making to clean up our already rockin' show. 

Although this hasn't been announced, I have decided that if someone makes it to all of our performances (starting tonight and ending Feb. 27th), I will personally either buy you shots or make out with you. Or maybe both. So hopefully, I'll see you tonight at the Zipper!

blood and pheromones, 

Katrina ("pipes") Dideriksen

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