Sunday, January 18, 2009

They can take away our home, but they can't take away our Rock and Roll.

Everything was going so well.

We had our first THINGS TO RUIN. It was packed. We were on fire. Everything felt electric and wonderful and perfect.

And then the Zipper factory unexpectedly closed.

The hell? The hell.

Us at THINGS TO RUIN have gone through quite a lot these past couple of days. Shock. Horror. Depression. Anger. Public Drunkenness.

At any rate, we're through with all of that. We've dusted ourselves off and put on our fighting shoes. Within the next few days we should be ready to give you an official announcement about where THINGS TO RUIN is going to continue its scheduled run, but in the meantime, lets take a gander at some pics from the Pep Rally we had on Friday night!

Jason "SweetTooth" Williams, Joe Iconis, Brent Stranathan
Have you ever seen a trio of nicer All-American young men?

Jeremy Morse
Fuzzy in every way, this dude starred in the National Tour of "The Plant That Ate Dirty Socks."

Eric William Morris, Katrina Dideriksen
So much love in this cast.

Matt Hinkley, Ian Kagey, Joe Iconis
Bass players are always lurking in the damnedest of places.

Theresa Flanagan, Ryann Ferguson
T2R fans and Ladies of the Theater

Jason "SweetTooth" Williams, Benson
Benson is SweetTooth's oldest friend in the whole world!

Bill Coyne, Joe Iconis
Bill also starred in the National Tour of "Plant..." Talented eyebrows.

Stephanie Cowan
A member of the extended family, Stephanie is also a genuine mover and shaker in the theater world. Cool!

Joe Iconis, Katrina Rose Dideriksen
We look like siblings in this picture.

John Simpkins
Our fearless director. Normally, he doesn't look as vaguely simian as he does here.

Jason "SweetTooth" Williams
The eyes say it all: "Don't fuck with T2R... because we'll fuck you right back."

See you soon.

Blood and Pheromones,


  1. The greatest thing about T2R isn't the amazing music, the inspiring lyrics, the brilliant acting moments, the stellar directing or the ridiculously awesome choreography. No, the greatest thing about T2R is that every time I see it, it's better than the last time. As for our Rock and Roll? No folks, they can't take that away. They can try. But we will die before that happens. Yes we will... yes we will.

  2. we totally look like siblings.. awkward..

  3. good times, people. just say where and I'm there.
    ...and thanks for posting a picture of me with my mouth open...awesome.