Friday, January 9, 2009

Roadies To Ruin

Hey interweb! We are Heather and Jillian, official Iconis roadies since Summer of 2008 and Things to Ruin spot-operators. We cannot say enough about all of the Things to Ruin cats who will be performing at the Zipper - so talented and so gosh darn handsome!
Update!!! Tech for this round of shows is tomorrow. We will be re-working some things to make this show bigger and badder than ever before. Yesterday, a portion of the Things to Ruin family finished putting together new scenery - we worked on a new-and-improved, easy-to-store platform, which is covered with the most awesome magazine images currently available. Tomorrow will be a long day, but we are makin' a great show for y'all and you have to come see it! Be there or be if's, and's or but's!

Blood and Pheromones,
Heather and Jillian

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