Friday, May 1, 2009

rehearsals begin. nervous? me? NAH! yeah.

you guys. tomorrow starts the rigorous training process leading up to the OPENING NIGHT of things to ruin.

which, if you haven't been checking your page-a-day-calendars, is a mere 3 DAYS away. on monday. may 4th. 8 pm. in digital 3-D.

we are gonna get our butts whipped into shape!!! i'm nervous because i totally have fallen off my regimen of crunches. and, of course, we're going to start rehearsals like we always do, by doing 500 crunches. and i'm not going to be able to keep up, and it's going to be totally embarrassing!! ! !! !

but at least i know i can still rock the obstacle course in record time. (you should see nicky b on the monkey bars. oh wait, no you shouldn't. it's pathetic. LOL)

blood and pheromones and G.U.T.S.,

1 comment:

  1. f u lance!!! ! ! !!!!!

    everybody, i am amazing on the monkey bars. dont listen to him. please still come.

    - nicky b

    ps. lance has an anal rash