Saturday, April 18, 2009

Laugh and Drink and Smile!

Holy Smokes you guys! What a week it has been here at the Things to Ruin house.
We got a pot of fresh shows cookin' on the stove, some amazing producers sleepin' in the guest room, and a shiny new car called 2econd Stage sittin' in the garage. We even got new cute little twitter runnin' around the house.

But that's how we like it here at T2R. One big happy family.

And it is with great excitement that we share our special news with you all. After an exhaustive search for a new home, Things to Ruin has once again found a place to rock n roll!
As promised, we are returning in a big way baby!

Here's the story as it was passed on to us.

Our amazing producers Sara Katz and Sh-K-Boom Records were out on a picnic with their good friend 2econd Stage, when over a PB+J and a juice box, 2econd Stage said,

"Hey guys, why the long faces? You know I don't like to see you when you are wearing frowns"

"Well," Sara said, "All these theaters are begging for us to bring Things to Ruin to them, but none of 'em feel right."

"That's the honest truth," Sh-K-Boom Records agreed, "We just know we'll feel in our guts when we find the right place. But until we do, Joe Iconis and all his friends over at Things to Ruin don't have a home."

Well, 2econd Stage, being as kind and open-hearted as their reputation suggests, put down the PB + J and outstretched their big arms.

"All those good T2R folks without a home? Not while I'm around!" 2econd Stage proclaimed. "Won't you come stay with us for a spell?"

Well Sara Katz and Sh-K-Boom Records didn't even need to speak. They felt it in their guts. This was right.

Hugs and hand shakes abounded.

And the rest is the stuff of tall tales and heros. You are just gonna have to see it to believe it.

And we here at the T2R house shed a tear of rock n roll joy. Cuz we could finally tell you about how our little show will go on. And most important of all, we will be able to share smiles and drinks and beautiful music with you all again. We are so excited in fact, we had Joe and SweetTooth record a lil' somethin' for ya.

Tickets are on sale and already going at a clip, so get some right now darlin'!!! Your internet wack? Don't you worry your pretty lil' head. Put your finger in the hole on the rotary phone and dial this number (212) 246-4422. They'll take you through the whole process. Easy as lemon pie.

And when you're laying in your bed, or sittin' in the office or just lookin' for some T2R news, we got lots of good ole fashioned fun you can sing your teeth into. is always a good place to start.
We got up and runnin'.
We got us a spanky facebook invite and even that cute little twitter runnin' around.

How ever you like it, Things to Ruin will give it to ya.

Come see us, we miss you like crazy baby.

Blood and Pheremones,
The T2R Family

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